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Frequently Asked Questions

12200 Empire Grade
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 423-8733

Q: What are your hours? 
A: Crest Ranch is open from 8 am to 4 pm. Check our homepage for the first and last days of the season.

Q: Are you open on Thanksgiving?
A: Yes we are open on Thanksgiving and have guests for whom cutting their                         Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving is a family tradition.

Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: Dogs are always welcome on leash at Crest Ranch. Just ask Rue!

Q: Do you accept credit cards? 
A: No. We accept cash (ATM is available) or checks. Sorry, NO credit cards.

Q: Do you offer any refreshments or food?
A: Cider and Hot Coco are available as well as other snacks for purchase. We will be operating our hot dog cart Friday - Sunday. 

Q: Do you have Nobel Firs or Silvertips? 
A: There are a few Nobel Fir and Silver tips spread around the ranch. Because those trees don't do well in this climate we prefer to grow the White Fir, which has the same short, stiff needles and spacing between branches. 

Q: What is the most fragrant tree on Crest Ranch
A: The Arizona Cypress

Q: Does is get muddy when it rains? 
A: Yes it can. It is best to wear shoes that are suitable for the outdoors.

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