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Family  Stories

B. Hearne

Well, I'm 17 years old and for as long as I can remember, my grandma had taken me to cut our tree down from your farm. It was our yearly tradition and she just recently passed away this fall. As her granddaughter, I plan on keeping up this tradition for as long as I can because it was something we bonded over and I want her to live on the tradition with us.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Thank You

The Burnett Family has been coming to Crest Ranch since 1989 when my daughter was in daycare.  We won a raffle at her daycare for a free tree at Crest Ranch.  Since that time we have come back every year.  We have two daughter now and they both look forward to coming to Crest Ranch and they’ve brought friends along as well.  It is one of our family traditions that we all look forward to.

Cutting down our tree is always the beginning of a great Christmas for us.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Hazen family tradition

Our family has been coming to Crest Ranch to choose our Christmas trees since 1974, starting the year after we married. Adding children in 1980, 1981, and 1983. And continuing the tradition adding our children's spouses in 2007 and 2008, and now a 3rd generation, adding our grandchildren. We'll be coming up tomorrow, with all 3 of our kids & their families. ... Thanks for providing a family tradition for us. God Bless!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Mike Beaumont: Every Family Tradition

Our family loves Crest Ranch and have been visiting for over 50 years running.  My grandfather started the tradition in the early 1950's and we have continued coming up to the ranch year after year, rain or shine.  Our family has grown and each new person finds this tradition their favorite.  We've even taken multiple family portraits onsite.  See you again this year Crest Ranch!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tonja Scofield: 43 Years of visits for us, and counting!

We came today.. for the 43rd year in a row. My Family, The Scofield's have visited your Tree ranch, and enjoy year after year of joy thank's to you and "your" family. We have made 4 generations of memories that have been priceless. My thanks to you and your family for always providing such a lovely, warm and inviting atmosphere for myself and my children. We will be back sooner than we expected.. if we get a little snow. Thanks again for sharing your home, your trees and your family with our family.

God Bless,

Tonja Scofield, and family

Monday, 07 December 2009

Guest: Great Site

Great website!   I have been cutting my own trees for years and designing websites, and I am glad to finally see a cut it yourself place with a comprehensive and well-structured site.  I really appreciate the ability to browse your stock.

I only wish the economy weren't such a factor this year.  But I have bookmarked you and plan on getting a beautiful tree or two next year.

Saturday, 05 December 2009

Guest: Dr.s David & Candace Chorjel& family

We have been coming to Crest Ranch every year since 1980.  It is so much a part of our holiday tradition, that it is considered the first Christmas present we give to each other every year.  We love the atmosphere that is created and maintained by the staff and hot cider.  We live close by in Boulder Creek, but consider "going to get the tree" one of the best trips of the entire year.  Thank you.  It wouldn't be Christmas without you.

Dr. D. Chorjel

Friday, 04 December 2009

Guest: Thank You For Tradition

Our family has been coming to Crest Ranch since I was 11 months old. My grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins and my immediate family hold a special place in our heart for Crest Ranch and "Tree Day" (as we have come to call the tradition of going and cutting down our Christmas tree). This year we'll be celebrating 27 years of Crest Ranch trees. Your farm has not only become part of our tradition, but part of our family.

We look forward to seeing the familiar faces of your workers, as well as other families who have made Crest Ranch a part of their life. My grandparents have since passed away, but you should know that we have pictures of my grandad cutting down his own Christmas tree only a couple of months before he died at age 87! My grandma spent her last couple of Tree Days in a wheelchair, but she wouldn't pass up the trip to Crest Ranch. When the ranch was for sale, we had many discussions and strategies on how we could buy the farm and keep Christmas trees available for purchase.

Thank you so much for all that you offer! I hope to be up there with my grandkids someday. See you the day after Thanksgiving!"

Saturday, 10 October 2009

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