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About Us

12200 Empire Grade
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 423-8733
"A visit to Crest Ranch is a wonderful family outing." - Fred Jensen

Louise has been involved in the operation of Crest Ranch since 1973, when her father Fred Jensen first purchased the tree farm. In January 2015, she purchased Crest Ranch from her father. Louise is a former teacher who enjoys the outdoors and the many activities it has to offer. Louise & her husband Ed now operate the farm. They are honored to be stewards of this incredible property, which will allow other families to continue their tree cutting tradition for years to come. You are sure to see them when you visit.

Read a A Brief History of Crest Ranch


 Ben does an array of jobs including planting new seedlings and shearing the trees. Tends to the maintenance of our farm equipment and infrastructure.

In the recent CZU Lightning Fire Ben fought alongside firefighters' to save the structures of the farm and we are forever grateful.

Ben is Louise's son-in-law & lives at the ranch with his wife Christy & their son.

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